Custom Questions in the Agenda Screen (agenda for session is customizable)

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    Talia Koenigsberg
  • on 02-21-2023

When students go to book an appointment, you have the option to set custom agenda questions for them to fill out. Previously, this was known as the "Topic Screen" and it only allowed for one Long Answer and one Checkbox question. Now, the "Agenda Screen" can include Short Answer, Long Answer, Drop-Down, Checkboxes, and File Upload. You will set these questions within each appointment format and you can add, edit, make required, or rearrange the questions.

Other key details: 

  • Providers will see the responses within the session placeholder card on their teach screen.
  • Admins can see the Agenda Screen responses on the sessions tab by clicking into a session or by downloading the session.csv export.
  • These questions can be answered when an admin goes through the "Create a Session" flow.