Admin - Improve Create Session Flow (show availability better)

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    Talia Koenigsberg
  • on 09-29-2023

Now, three options are listed in the create a session flow, “Standard”, “Retroactive” and “Override”. The Retroactive and Override options are the same as before. With standard, you can now see what the student sees for availability and are able to see when providers for a specific topic are available. This flow takes into consideration lead times, community/provider unavailable times, calendar connections, booked appointments, and the weeks ahead limit. We hope this improves the ability of you all to make appointments on behalf of students. During this flow, you’ll input a student’s name and the topic you want to book the appointment for and will only be shown providers who are available to teach that topic. Once you select a time, you will then choose a provider and a location based on the provider’s availability. If you filter to a provider or location in the availability screen, you do not have to do this step.

Helper video: